We’ve developed the IG Living Plan, a holistic plan that considers your full financial life and looks at whether you’re saving enough, spending wisely, properly protecting yourself from the unexpected, while always considering how to maximize your tax efficiency along the way.

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Optimizing your Retirement

Gain greater clarity and let us help you manage the risks of retirement, preserve your capital, and create income to help support your future lifestyle and goals.

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Managing Cash Flow

We assess your cash and credit requirements and aid in optimizing your taxes to help you thrive during major life events, while working toward your goals.

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Sharing your Wealth

Establish a well-constructed estate plan, tailored to your needs, that allows your legacy to endure by supporting the causes important to you.

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Preparing for the Unexpected

Create comprehensive strategies that provide, preserve, and protect your loved ones and those you care for when the unexpected happens.

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Planning for Major Expenditures

Ensure you have flexibility with a balanced plan that allows you to take advantage of opportunities and helps make your financial vision a reality.

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Maximizing Business Success

Business owners can take full advantage and engage holistic strategies to synchronize and enhance your business and personal financial plan.