Special Rates

IG Wealth Management is pleased to provide the following promotional mortgage offers for individuals purchasing a home.1

Speak to one of our expert Mortgage Planning Specialists to determine the right product and rate to meet your needs.

Variable Rate1,2

3.30% i

(Prime - 0.65%)

5 year closed

Fixed Rate1


5 year closed

Adjustable rate/Adjustable payment 1,3

3.30% ii

(Prime - 0.65%)

5 year closed

Posted Rates4

Fixed rates

Provides a locked-in interest rate for the term you select. If rates increase, your fixed rate stays the same, giving you the security of a fixed payment for the term of the mortgage.5


6 month open 6.95%
6 month closed 4.20%
12 month open 7.10%
12 month closed 3.49%
24 month closed 3.59%
36 month closed 4.14%
48 month closed 4.89%
60 month closed 5.19%
84 month closed 6.50%
120 month closed 6.75%

Variable rate

Interest rate is subject to change daily with changes to Our Mortgage Prime Rate.

Allows you to take advantage of changing interest rates while providing the convenience of a fixed monthly mortgage payment. If interest rates fall, more of your payment will be directed to reduce your outstanding mortgage balance; if rates rise, more of your payment will go towards paying interest costs.

Term Rate Rollover period
60 month closed 3.95%iii
1 month

Adjustable rates

Adjustable Payment - Lock and Roll Mortgage

Interest rate is subject to change at the end of each rollover period. The Adjustable Rate Adjustable Payment (ARAP) mortgage is based on Our 1 Month Closed Rate and our Lock and Roll mortgage is based on Our 6 Month Fixed Rate.

A Lock and Roll Mortgage based on our One Month Fixed Rate.* The interest and payment amount are automatically adjusted each month during the term of the mortgage. * Our One Month Fixed Rate is equal to Our Mortgage Prime Rate on the date of each monthly adjustment, or Rollover Date.

Provides the peace of mind that comes with a long-term mortgage (5 years) in addition to the benefits of a short-term mortgage rate. Our Lock and Roll Mortgage is based upon our Six Month Fixed Rate, where your interest rate and payment amount are automatically adjusted every 6 months.

Rate Rollover period
60 month closed
1 month
60 month closed
Lock and Roll
6 months

Base rates

Term Rate
Our mortgage prime rate 3.95%
Our 1 month closed rate 3.95%
Our 6 month fixed rate 4.20%