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Discover an IG Living Plan that synchronizes your goals with your financial life—keeping you open to all of retirement’s possibilities.

Everyone has a different picture in mind of retirement. Maybe it’s more time for traveling, family, or discovering new hobbies. No matter what your retirement aspirations may be, IG looks at your whole financial picture.

At IG Wealth Management, we see retirement differently.

What makes IG retirement planning different is our ability to look at your financial plan holistically. This includes your portfolio, market exposure and other key factors such as your savings, insurance, estate and tax strategies. We also look at your long-term goals, concerns, lifestyle, health and estate planning, offering you and your family scenarios to ensure you can explore all of retirement’s possibilities.

IG consultants have exclusive access to world-class investment professionals.

Whether their mandate is equity, fixed income or liquid alternatives in North America, Europe or Asia, IG Wealth Management has carefully identified and selected from among the world’s best asset managers to help you reach your goals.   


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