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2017 estimated year-end capital gains distributions

This year’s estimated capital gains distributions for unit trust funds are based on data as of November 15, 2017. The actual year-end capital gains distributions may vary significantly from these current estimated amounts. Only those funds with capital gains distributions estimated to be greater than 4% of assets have been included in this notice. Actual distributions may vary by series within each fund.

Distributions1 greater than 10% of their net asset value per unit (NAVPU)


  • IG Mackenzie Ivy Canadian Balanced Fund

Distributions1 greater than 7% and less than or equal to 10% of their (NAVPU)


  • Investors U.S. Dividend Growth Fund
  • Investors Core U.S. Equity Fund
  • Investors North American Equity Fund

Distributions1 greater than 4% and less than or equal to 7% of their (NAVPU)


  • Investors Low Volatility Canadian Equity Fund
  • IG CI Canadian Balanced Fund
  • Investors U.S. Opportunities Fund
  • Investors Global Fund
  • IG Mackenzie Dividend Growth Fund
  • IG FI U.S. Large Cap Equity Fund

Distribution dates

It is anticipated that the processing of income and capital gains distributions, if applicable, will occur on the following dates:

Information and advice

Please contact your Investors Group Consultant for information and advice around year-end mutual fund capital gains distributions and your tax planning considerations.

1These are estimates and are subject to change. No reliance should be made on these figures. This notice is not to be taken as any representation of future distributions or fund performance. Guaranteed Income Funds (GIFs) allocate rather than distribute income.



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