Borrowing money is often seen as an obstacle to reaching financial goals but, if managed effectively, you can use debt as a tool to help you achieve your goals sooner. Borrowing allows you to finance projects or purchases today that otherwise could take years to save for, such as purchasing a home. With an effective debt management strategy integrated into your financial plan, borrowing can play a positive role in helping you achieve your financial goals.


Mortgages are an important part of your financial plan. An Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialist can simplify the mortgage process, design a mortgage to suit your needs, and make sure your debt load and monthly payments fit comfortably into your plan. All mortgage inquiries will be referred to a Mortgage Planning Specialist.

Loans and lines of credit

Maximizing your RRSP allows you to benefit from long-term compounding of returns and tax-deferred growth of your savings, and helps to establish the income you need for retirement. An RRSP loan can help make contributing to your RRSP easier and assist in helping you “catch up” on unused contribution room.


Credit cards are a convenient way of making purchases and having access to cash in case of emergencies. The smart way to use credit cards is to have a planned approach to spending. When used responsibly, credit cards can help you establish and build a good credit rating, which is essential when applying for other types of financing.