Investors Group announces new additions to fund offering

Winnipeg, MB – July 13, 2015: Investors Group is pleased to announce the addition of a new portfolio family, Maestro Portfolios, as well as two new low volatility mandates to its fund offering.

Maestro Portfolios consist of three distinct portfolios that are available in both unit trust and Corporate Class offerings:

  • Maestro Income Balanced Portfolio/Portfolio Class
  • Maestro Balanced Portfolio/Portfolio Class
  • Maestro Growth Focused Portfolio/Portfolio Class

The new portfolios combine a long-term investment management outlook with dynamic asset allocation strategies to adapt to market movements that may create investment opportunities. The result is an ability to better manage volatility to help clients continue to build wealth

“Maestro Portfolios are different from our other portfolio funds,” said Todd Asman, Executive Vice President of Products and Financial Planning. “Investors will benefit from the dynamic management approach used by these funds which provides the flexibility to react to market developments as they unfold. This allows the fund manager to take action quicker as opportunities arise.”

Maestro Portfolios will appeal to investors who want a more active-management approach to investments without giving up long-term growth potential and/or income.

New low volatility funds

In addition to the Maestro Portfolios, Investors Group is adding two new low volatility mandates (both available in unit trust and Corporate Class offerings)

  • Investors Low Volatility Canadian Equity Fund/Class
  • Investors Low Volatility Global Equity Fund/Class

These funds are ideal for investors who want exposure to equity markets due to the higher growth potential that stocks offer, but in an investment that seeks lower volatility than the broader equity markets.

Maestro Portfolios and the new low volatility funds are available as of today, July 13, 2015.