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Socially responsible investing

Social and environmental issues are important to Canadians, and Investors Group shares those values. When it comes to choosing your investments, you should know that there is room for your own personal values. This is called social responsible investing (SRI).

Investors Summa SRITM fund

In 1987, Investors Group launched the Investors Summa SRI fund – making us one of the first major Canadian financial institutions to offer a mutual fund that featured heightened social ideals.

Our approach with this fund is two-fold – to maximize investment performance and social good. We do this by selecting securities with the potential for long-term performance and diversification in mind, while also screening companies to ensure they meet established SRI criteria and higher ideals.

With Investors Summa SRI fund, you have an opportunity to invest in a fund that has a high level of sensitivity towards various social issues, including the environment.


In 2016, the inaugural Corporate Knights Eco-Fund rating ranked Investors Summa SRI fund among the top 10 of its category peers. This exemplifies its strong performance, while at the same time meeting strict established SRI criteria.