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Active insurance – a must for active kids

Your kids are active and that’s a good thing – it’s healthy, engaging and fun. But with their active lifestyle comes the possibility of injury. Usually it’s just a matter of getting out the disinfectant, a dressing and a hug – but there’s always the chance your child could have a more significant accident. That’s why your active kids may need active insurance.

Student accident insurance is active insurance. It provides 24-hour coverage for medical, dental, disability and accidental dismemberment/death for students participating in any school activities. Plans can also be expanded to include 24-hour coverage wherever your child is – at home, at play, or even on vacation. Coverage for expenses such as private tutoring, eye glasses and much more can also be included.

Student accident insurance is usually available for any child over six months of age who is enrolled full-time in kindergarten, elementary or secondary school, college or university or is registered in daycare, play-school or pre-school. Children who are home-schooled in a provincially approved curriculum are also eligible for this type of insurance.

Your school may offer student accident insurance. It is also available from many insurance companies.

Student accident insurance is typically inexpensive, yet it can provide your family with some protection against those unexpected accidents. In addition, you may want to consider children’s critical illness insurance for those far more serious concerns.

Your professional advisor can help you decide how student accident insurance – and children’s critical illness insurance – fit with your existing insurance coverage and your overall financial plan.

Date reviewed: July 28, 2014

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