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The benefits of financial advice are many and tangible

It’s been proven in study after study and in the lives of millions of Canadians that the best way to achieve your financial and retirement goals is to access sound financial advice grounded in a comprehensive financial plan.

Research[1] into the attitudes among Canadians toward retirement and savings advice has identified the significant value of delivering financial advice to the public. The research concluded:

  • Advice has a positive and significant impact on financial assets
  • Advisors perform tasks that are vital in the financial lives of clients, including: improving financial literacy, developing a culture of savings and investment, developing and executing a financial plan, selecting appropriate financial vehicles and products and improving investment decision-making
  • Advice positively impacts retirement readiness
  • Canadians trust their advisors, feel positive toward them, and feel more confident they will have enough money to retire comfortably

It makes sense to seek the advice of a financial advisor who will take you through the six-step financial planning process. It takes just six straightforward steps to start building your personal financial plan. Be sure you get the advice you need by talking to a financial advisor with the team, qualifications and tools you can count on.

June 26, 2015

[1]IFIC Value of Advice Report 2012. June 8, 2015

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