How we can help you

Why buy insurance from us?

We’ll get you the right combination & amount of coverage for your lifestyle, with products from major Canadian insurers at highly competitive prices.

What makes us different?

We monitor your coverage as your life evolves, to make sure your protection complements your lifestyle so that you’re always receiving the absolute best value from us.

Featured products

Learn more about our disability insurance


Disability insurance coverage helps protect your ability to earn income, by providing an ongoing monthly income if you ever suffered a disability and couldn’t work.

Learn more about our critical illness insurance

Critical Illness

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness or condition that’s covered in your policy, you’ll receive a tax-free lump sum to use in any way you wish.

Learn more about our supplementary health and dental insurance

Health and Dental

Our plans can help you pay for many common medical expenses that aren’t covered – or only partially covered – by government health insurance plans.

Learn more about our life insurance


Life insurance provides financial peace of mind for your spouse and family, to help them make important and often difficult decisions during a very stressful time.

Common questions about insurance

  • What if I already have life insurance?

    If you have life insurance through your lender, just remember that all benefits are paid to the lender, and not you

    If you have life insurance through your employee benefits, that’s actually a very affordable way to begin your life insurance. Just remember that:

    • The coverage doesn’t go with you when you change employers
    • The premiums could increase each year as your age increases
    • Coverage ends when you retire    
  • What happens at the end of my term life insurance?

    When you reach the end of your term life insurance, you have the option to renew the policy up to a certain age, depending on the particular insurance product you have.

    If your term life insurance is ending and you’re not sure what your next move is, talk to an Investors Group consultant about your options – our full suite of life insurance and living benefits products can help protect your loved ones.    

  • Should I get term life insurance, permanent life insurance, or a combination of both?

    The real answer is that no one really knows your situation better than you do, and it’s worth talking to an Investors Group consultant about what your next steps might be. They can review your situation to discuss which insurance options work best with you, and help you build a plan to protect what matters most.    

  • What are the benefits of life insurance?

    While the easiest and most obvious answer is peace of mind, life insurance plays an important role for a number of reasons.


    For your family, it can let them:          

    • Stay in the family home
    • Not have to change neighbourhoods or schools
    • Stay involved with activities
    • Attend post-secondary school

    It can also help by:

    • Ensuring your business can continue
    • Supporting causes you care about
    • Ensuring your legacy can live on
    • Minimizing taxes paid by your estate after you pass away