Client support for COVID-19

How IG Wealth Management Consultants
and Employees are working remotely

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily closed our offices across Canada.

We’re taking this precautionary measure out of care and concern for our clients, community and staff.  This does not mean we are closed for business - in fact, we are very much open and here for you.

To our clients, we ask that you please continue to reach out to your IG Consultant with any questions and support needed on your IG Living Plan.  You can also reach out through the options available to you on our contact us page. With the office closures, physical mail will not be processed in a timely manner, trade instructions may not be acted upon promptly, and please avoid sending instructions, cheques or other physical mail until we resume normal business operations. We remain committed to our clients and their families and to building the financial confidence of Canadians across the country.

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Your financial well-being, peace of mind and progress towards your goals are always top of mind. 

COVID-19: Homeowner Assistance Program

Note:  Important Information

If you have  requested and received a deferral of any payment(s) on your IG mortgage due to COVID-19, IG Wealth Management will automatically extend that deferral to all mortgage payments due until June 30, 2020, inclusive.  IG Wealth Management is processing this change automatically on behalf of all clients who have obtained such a deferral.

If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to proceed with  the deferral of your mortgage payments until June 30, 2020, simply email the Homeowner Assistance Team at by May 15, 2020, using the subject line: IG Wealth Management Homeowner Assistance Program - Automatic extension of deferrals.

If you have not obtained the deferral of any payment(s) on your IG mortgage but wish to do so, you may request to defer the equivalent of 1, 2 or 3 months of mortgage payment by using our online Payment Deferral Request form.

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