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Maestro Portfolios™: a dynamic approach to long-term investing


When you invest, finding the right balance of risk and return is one of the most important decisions you need to make. Welcome to our new Maestro Portfolios – which balance risk and reward through an approach known as dynamic asset allocation.

What is dynamic asset allocation? It’s a fine-tuned process by which our experienced portfolio management team can adjust Maestro Portfolios to adapt to shorter-term market conditions.

Through ongoing analysis of the global financial market, our portfolio management team can make adjustments within a defined range of risk tolerance to take advantage of market opportunities.  The main goal is to enhance returns and better manage shorter-term market movement, thus providing a smoother ride toward achieving your long-term financial goals. 

Diversification is another key element of any long-term risk management strategy. Each Maestro Portfolio is expertly crafted to diversify your investment across a range of asset classes, sectors, geographies and investment styles.  Combining this diversity with the ability to adjust exposure to fixed income and equity pools – that, in turn, can continually adjust their risk profiles – results in truly responsive investment management over the long term.

Who would benefit from choosing Maestro Portfolios?

Consider these portfolios if you have concerns with the current fixed income environment and are interested in a higher strategic weighting in equities, together with enhanced risk management. We can help you to choose the Maestro Portfolio mandate that best suits your investment needs:

  • Maestro Income Balanced Portfolio Fund/Class
  • Maestro Balanced Portfolio Fund/Class
  • Maestro Growth Focused Portfolio Fund/Class.

Maestro Portfolios also offer tax-efficient investment options, so you can plan to keep more of the wealth you’ve worked hard to build.

  • Series T options provide tax-efficient steady, monthly cash-flow for non-registered accounts.
  • Series U features a separate advisory fee that will generally be tax deductible for income tax purposes when the Series is held within a non-registered account1.

Talk to us today to find out more about the benefits of dynamic asset allocation and how Maestro Portfolios might work with your financial plan.

1 Series U is available for investors with “Household Investments” in Investors Group funds of $500,000 or more. Contact your tax advisor for guidance.

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