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Create an enjoyable road trip this summer with these helpful tips

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the road. You’ve been planning a good old fashion road trip for awhile now, but have you thought of everything? Here are some tips and tricks to help make your road trip the best road trip in the history of road trips.

Before getting out on the road

In preparation for your voyage, ensure your craft is shipshape. Nothing can spoil a road trip more than your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere. A quick tune up can spot anything that might give you trouble and help prepare your vehicle for that long drive.

Plan your course

Right or left? Did you miss the turn off? Have you gone too far? Knowing exactly where you are going will help avoid the confusion of the unfamiliar road. Plus you can make those long road trips shorter by not having to stop for directions.

GPS are a wonderful addition to the highway traveller’s journey. Except when they break. Paper maps are a good backup to have just in case. It may not be as user friendly, but dead batteries won’t leave you without directions.

Pre-plan your packing

It’s tempting to over pack to over prepare, but thoughtful packing will leave you more room. Room you can use for shopping, camping equipment, sports gear, or whatever reason best suits your road trip.

Make a list. A list will help you organize what you really need to take, prevent you from forgetting that must have item and help make sure you don't leave anything behind on the return trip.

Pick your clothes strategically. Wrinkle-resistant synthetic blends hold up better on the road verses other fabrics. Wear a consistent colour scheme as consistent colours will increase the number of mix-and-match options. Dark colours will hide wrinkles and stains.

Check road conditions

Before you hit the road, make sure you know what the road will be like on your trip. The site or has current road conditions and links to local Provincial highway sites. You can also check out their Facebook or Twitter pages. Make sure you know what weather you will be driving into with The Weather Network - Current Highway Conditions  or Météo Média (2015).

More power

More than likely you will be bringing as much of the 21st century with you as you can on your getaway road trip. Cellphone, iPods, iPad, and e-book reader all need recharging. Investing in a battery charger and/or a multi-way charger can ensure you don’t lose one of your devices at an inopportune moment. Just don’t leave them plugged into the car. A dead car battery is a much bigger inconvenience.

Keeping the crew happy

To avoid a mutiny among the crew and your own personal potential boredom, entertainment for the road is a must.

Check out the sights along the way. Lakes, prairie skies and mountain passes, Canada has a lot to offer for scenery. Plus, chances are your will come across the “world’s biggest” something. Why not check it out and make some memories on your road trip.

Music is a must. Bring your favourite tunes, catch up on some podcasts or check out the local radio station. See if you can get a sing along going.

Bring food for the road. Nuts, dried apricots, cranberries, raisins, granola bars, cheese and crackers are all travel friendly foods.

No road trip could be called a road trip without some road trip games. 20 Questions, the Alphabet Game, the Grocery Game and Fortunately/Unfortunately are just some of the many games that can be played on the road. For many more game ideas see:

Stay safe

No matter which road you take and where you plan to go, stay safe and enjoy your road trip. Drive with care so you can return with many stories about your road trip adventure.


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