Financial literacy matters for the young and the young at heart

We’re on a mission to improve financial confidence in all Canadians to help everyone make better, more informed decisions. That’s why IG Wealth Management Consultants across the country are donating time and expertise to help bring complimentary financial literacy workshops to groups and communities from coast to coast.


We have partnered with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), a non-profit, non-partisan organization, to offer free financial workshops to youth, newcomers, and seniors in communities across Canada. These free, local events provide valuable information to a variety of Canadians who may not know where to begin on their journey of financial knowledge and awareness.

Workshops tailored to needs of seniors

A popular CFEE workshop focuses on the needs of Canadian seniors. We believe that seniors who have a thorough understanding of their finances can better enjoy the retirement they’ve worked hard to achieve. The workshop provides advice on a wide range of topics including:

Setting financial goals

  • Budgeting and planning tools are explained to help set realistic goals to make the most of retirement.

Understanding Retirement

  • Plan better for the years ahead with less fear about running out of money. Seniors learn about the benefits available to them, what they qualify for, how much they can expect, and for how long.

Planning for Lifestyle

  • Budget for lifestyle goals such as travel or renovations, while still making money last.

Estate planning

  • Advice on how to create or tune-up an estate plan so it doesn’t become inadequate or outdated.

Fostering community and learning together

These workshops are spearheaded by CFEE and facilitated by local senior centres and agencies, inviting individuals who want to learn more about financial planning for seniors to attend. These events attract a wide audience of nearly and newly retired Canadians who are either planning for retirement or looking for strategies to maintain their lifestyles. Learning alongside like-minded people creates a warm and open environment that fosters discussion and reminds seniors that they have allies in their quest for financial knowledge.

Knowledge is power

Join IG’s mission to increase financial literacy in Canada. Visit the Empower Your Tomorrow section of our website to learn about specialized workshops and presentations for youth and families affected by Alzheimer’s through our affiliations with CFEE and the Alzheimer’s Society.

See how IG empowers seniors and other groups in communities across Canada to explore all life’s possibilities with financial confidence.