Canadian Pride

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Canadian Pride

Investors Group’s photo contest reveals just how much we love our country.

For the last few months, Investors Group has been asking its clients to send in photos of what defines Canada and people sure delivered. The company has chosen 13 photos out of 1,000 entries for its “Wow! I’m glad to be Canadian” contest, all of which will appear in a 2014 calendar.

Jousette Sánchez, a marketing planner with Investors Group, says the goal for this year’s contest was to showcase what makes people proud of being Canadian. “Each entry portrays a unique and defining moment and place in Canada,” she says. “Our eyes lit up when we viewed every image. It’s beautiful to be Canadian.” The 13 winners will receive a donation of $500 to the charity of their choice, while the person who landed the coveted cover photo will receive a $1000 donation. Investors Group will also make a donation for every photo entry to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

We are proud to present the 13 photos chosen to appear in the calendar. “They show that Canada has so much to offer,” says Sánchez. “It’s clear that Canadians are proud to live here.”

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