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Help topics

  • Your satisfaction

    If you have a concern about your account, we hope that you will let us know and allow us to resolve it. You may contact any of the following for assistance:

    • Your Consultant
    • Your Consultant's Division Director
    • Your Consultant's Regional Director
    • The Investors Group Compliance Department

    Your Consultant, the Division Director or Regional Director can all be reached at the office and phone number shown on your quarterly account statement. You can contact the Investors Group Compliance Department through the Contact us link or by mail:

    Investors Group
    Compliance Department

    447 Portage Ave
    Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H5

    A complaint that is received by the Compliance Department will be dealt with fairly and in a timely manner. It will generally include:

    • An examination of all information provided by you
    • An examination of all information provided by your Consultant
    • An examination of the information retained in our Head Office records

    You will receive a letter from the Compliance Department acknowledging receipt of the complaint and providing you with the contact information for the assigned Investigator. The Investigator will contact you during the course of the review if any questions arise. You can contact the Investigator at any time if you have questions or additional information to provide. A written summary of the review and any recommendations will be provided directly to you by the Investors Group Compliance Department upon completion.

    If you have a complaint regarding a mortgage with Investors Group that we cannot resolve to your satisfaction, you may also contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada in writing at its office at 427 Laurier Avenue West, 6th floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B9 or through its website at

  • Unclaimed accounts

    At Investors Group, we have policies and procedures for unclaimed accounts and we maintain a confidential record of account owners we have been unable to contact.

    We consider accounts to be unclaimed when it becomes evident that we have lost contact with the account owner. The most common examples are when mail sent to the owner is returned, or a cheque that was issued to the owner has not been cashed.

    There are other instances that cause us to declare that an account is unclaimed:

    • If an investment has matured (such as a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) and the owner has not provided instructions.
    • If a registered plan must be collapsed or converted into another investment and the owner has not provided instructions.
    • If an extended period of time has elapsed since the owner has taken any action or provided us with instructions pertaining to any of their investments. (An automated purchase or withdrawal plan is not included in this definition.)

    We make reasonable efforts to locate and notify owners of unclaimed accounts, based in part on the value of the account. In some cases we may ask Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to send a letter on our behalf based on the return address of the owner's latest tax return.

    If you suspect that you may have an unclaimed account with us, please contact us. We will ask you to provide suitable identification as well as proof of ownership of the investment.

    If you are an executor for an estate or have power of attorney for someone that you suspect may have an unclaimed account, we will ask you to include evidence of your authority to act on behalf of the owner and/or an indemnity depending on the circumstances.

    In creating our policies for unclaimed accounts, we have followed regulations for "Unclaimed Property" that have been enacted in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebéc. If you are, or have been a resident of these provinces, legislation permits us to transfer or report unclaimed property to the appropriate authorities after a period of time. If this is case, we may advise you to contact those authorities directly. This also applies to investments that are subject to federal regulation (such as a GIC), whereby we may refer you to the Bank of Canada.

  • Accessibility

    Serving individuals with disabilities
    We are committed to provide all Canadians with access to our facilities, products and services and have a series of policies and procedures in place to guide the actions of our employees and Consultants. These policies are intended to address, at minimum, the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 and similar or related standards and regulations. We believe it is good business practice to provide these services throughout our network across Canada.

    Our policies and procedures include:

    • Customer service policies to ensure that products and services are made available in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of individuals with disabilities
    • Procedures to follow in the event of a service disruption
    • Training procedures on how best to provide accessibility
    • Procedures on how to handle consumer feedback and/or concerns

    Copies of our Accessibility Policy and Accessibility Plan can be requested through the Contact Us link, or downloaded directly using the following links: