2015 Year in Review
When it comes to business and investing, 2015 was one of the more volatile years we’ve had in a while. With declining oil prices, fluctuating currencies, and a focus on interest rates – there was no shortage of news. For most Canadians, these events likely weighed heavily on your portfolio’s results. Jeff Singer, Investors Group’s Chief Investment Officer, and Bill Chornous, an Investment Strategist at Investors Group, shed some light on some of the key investment stories from last year.

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Market Perspectives—

As of December 31st

Price of West Texas Intermediate crude


Canadian dollar decline in 2015


Estimated Canadian GDP growth in 2015 (Bank of Canada)


Estimated global GDP Growth in 2015 (IMF)


Decline in Canadian corporate profits in Q3 (Statistics Canada)


S&P/TSX Composite Index close

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