Mortgages are an important part of your financial plan. An Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialist can simplify the mortgage process, design a mortgage to suit your needs, and make sure your debt load and monthly payments fit comfortably into your plan. All mortgage inquiries will be referred to a Mortgage Planning Specialist.

If you’re looking for the mortgage that’s right for you, arrange a free mortgage consultation with an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialist to discuss your mortgage needs without obligation.

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Flexible mortgage solutions

We offer a full suite of flexible mortgage solutions, including a variety of payment options, competitive rates, pre-approvals and no-cost transfers. Check out our current rates here.

Fixed rate open and closed mortgages

Provides a locked-in interest rate for the term you select. If rates increase, your fixed rate stays the same, giving you the security of a fixed payment for the term of the mortgage.

Variable rate mortgage

Allows you to take advantage of changing interest rates while providing the convenience of a fixed monthly mortgage payment. If interest rates fall, more of your payment will be directed to reduce your outstanding mortgage balance; if rates rise, more of your payment will go towards paying interest costs.

Lock and roll mortgage

Provides the peace of mind that comes with a long-term mortgage (5 years) in addition to the benefits of a short-term mortgage rate.

Our Lock and Roll Mortgage is based upon our Six Month Fixed Rate, where your interest rate and payment amount are automatically adjusted every 6 months.

Adjustable rate – adjustable payment mortgage (ARAP)

A Lock and Roll Mortgage based on our One Month Fixed Rate.* The interest and payment amount are automatically adjusted each month during the term of the mortgage. * Our One Month Fixed Rate is equal to Our Mortgage Prime Rate on the date of each monthly adjustment, or Rollover Date.

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Use these tools to help you select a mortgage that fits your plan.

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Solutions Banking All-in-OneTM 1

The Solutions Banking All-in-One integrates the features of a mortgage, a line of credit, a chequing account and a savings account in one comprehensive solution. This solution allows you to access the equity in your home to consolidate all of your banking and financing needs. Use the revolving line of credit feature in conjunction with a fixed or variable rate mortgage term loan to give you a mix of both variable and fixed interest rate financing.

Through Solutions BankingTM we offer a variety of borrowing solutions that can help you reach your financial goals, finance projects or even purchase a home. Solutions Banking lending products provide financing for all your borrowing needs.

Check out our current rates.

Considering changing your mortgage?

If you are thinking about refinancing, making a lump sum payment or paying off your Investors Group mortgage consider the following:

1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.

Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd. is a federally regulated trust company and is the mortgagee. Mortgages are offered through I.G. Investment Management, Ltd.* Inquiries will be referred to a Mortgage Planning (Agent) Specialist.

*In NB & ON, registered as a Mortgage Brokerage (ON-License #10809) and Mortgage Administrator (ON-License #11256).

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