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Become an Investors Group financial advisor

Investors Group is one of Canada's leading financial services companies, with a history that spans eight decades. Known for our personal approach, we can help you build a prosperous and successful practice helping clients to achieve their financial goals.

Financial advisors come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a variety of skills to their personal practice. As an Investors Group financial advisor, you will have the advantage of:


Enjoy the flexibility and independence of running your own business. Achieve your ideal work-life balance by setting your schedule around your life.

Control of Your Career

Our entrepreneurial environment enables you to apply your drive and determination that's essential for your career success.

Industry-Leading Training

We will help you succeed in today's complex financial services market. Operate confidently; knowing a strong and talented team of managers and specialists, at the head office and local levels, are here to support you in delivering comprehensive financial plans to clients.

Mentorship and Support

Immerse yourself in our mentorship and support programs that include experienced colleagues assisting you during your first appointments and an environment where you will learn from the very best.

We are ready to help you build a thriving practice today as a financial advisor.

Exceptional Income Potential

At Investors Group, your earnings potential is based on your hard work and drive, not your seniority or experience. Enjoy exceptional income potential that is as unlimited as the success of your business.

Participate in benefit programs that include life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, maternity/parental leave, home and auto insurance, and mortgage discounts.

Support for community involvement

Receive support for community involvement allowing you to make a bigger difference in your community.

This is a full-time opportunity to establish a variable-income and self-employed business in association with Investors Group. Submissions are subject to an initial and ongoing review process. Investors Group offices are located in all provinces and territories in Canada. Please submit your Résumé/Application only to one office.

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Advisor testimonials

"No other company could offer me what I wanted: a flexible schedule, an entrepreneurial environment, unlimited earning potential and access to all the financial products and services required for proper financial planning. I am compensated based on my efforts and results, and not based on my years of experience."

Yanick Juneau, Financial Security Advisor, Mutual Fund Representative

"I decided to redirect my career because working in a large company wasn’t allowing me to reach my full potential."

Karen Jacques, Financial Security Advisor, Mutual Fund Representative

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